• Wolfchase Galleria gives clarity on 'no hoodie' policy

    By: Winnie Wright


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Wolfchase Galleria clarifying it’s policies about what shoppers can wear inside the mall. This after controversy last month over their so-called “hoodie policy.”

    FOX13’s Winnie Wright spoke with a member of corporate Saturday and asked, “What brought you to Memphis?”

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    “We came to Memphis today because we really felt that with all of the community outreach we’ve received the past few weeks here at Wolfchase Galleria, it’s important we come out to the community and we tell them we are here listening to them, and we are taking all their feedback into consideration,” answered Jenny Harris, with Wolfchase’s corporate office in Houston.

    Back in November four men were kicked out of the mall as the incident caught on camera.

    A witness said it was because the men were wearing hoodies. That witness told FOX13 at the time it was racial profiling. The men were black.

    “There’s definitely a misconception there,” said Harris of the incident.

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    In a previous statement, Wolfchase told FOX13 “police are only called if a customer refuses or becomes belligerent.”

    They said an MPD officer repeatedly asked someone to remove their hood and they would not, which is why he was removed from the mall.

    “That event on November 3 escalated much more quickly than we would have liked, and that’s why we are here,” Harris went on to say.

    The backlash was immense. Four white women even went so far as to wear hoodies to the mall to prove a point about racial profiling.

    Saturday, the mall told us, the difference is, when asked to remove their hoods, those women complied.

    Wolfchase said they don’t have a specific “no hoodie policy” in place, they just ask that when you enter the mall, you remove your hoodie so your face can be seen.

    With thousands of shoppers expected to fill the mall this holiday season, Harris says the focus is on security.

    “Our policies that are in place are there so our security personnel can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience,” she said finally, adding Wolfchase is currently reviewing their policies to make sure their inclusive to everyone.

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