• Woman accused of dragging police officer with stolen vehicle after stealing items from Walmart


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A woman has been arrested for dragging a police officer with a stolen vehicle.

    According to reports, the officer noticed a stolen vehicle parked in the fire lane of a Walmart, located at 8400 Highway 64 in Bartlett.

    It is reported the officer placed one of the vehicle’s occupants into custody. According to investigators, the other passenger exited the store with a bag full of food.

    Police said the female suspect sat in the driver’s seat and attempted to leave. It is reported the officer opened the car door, in an attempt to prevent the woman from driving away.

    According to reports, the woman put the car into drive while the officer was holding onto her. The officer reported he grabbed the steering wheel, placed the vehicle into park and attempted to remove the woman from the vehicle.

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    Police said the woman put the car into drive again and pulled the officer while he was holding onto the car door.

    It is reported the officer was eventually able to stop the car, remove the keys from ignition and place the female suspect into custody.

    According to reports, Loss Prevention reviewed surveillance, which showed the woman placing bacon and several steaks into her purse without paying for them.

    It is reported the amount of stolen merchandise was worth over $100.

    The female suspect reported that the vehicle wasn’t hers or the passenger’s, but they borrowed it from a friend and didn’t give it back.

    According to the officer, the woman refused to return the car to the friend and attempted to throw him from the vehicle.

    The suspect’s identity has not been revealed at this time.

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