Woman accused of pointing gun at drivers on Germantown Parkway

Alyshia Wicks, 28, was arrested on June 23. Her charges stem from an alleged road rage incident.

CORDOVA, Tenn. — A Memphis woman is charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly pointed a gun at two people while driving on Germantown Parkway.

Alyshia Wicks, 28, was arrested on June 23. Her charges stem from an incident Saturday evening.

According to a police affidavit, the victims were stopped in heavy traffic on Germantown Parkway when the car behind them honked. The driver said she looked back, and there was a woman “mouthing words” who then “flipped her off.”

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The driver told her passenger about what was happening. Moments later, she looked in the rearview mirror and saw the suspect pull out a black handgun and wave it in the air, according to the report.

The passenger then turned around to look. He told police the suspect pointed the gun at both of them.

The victims called 911.

Wicks allegedly pulled into an emergency lane to go around the victims, who followed her to a gas station and another store.

The victims eventually got out of the car and asked why Wicks pointed a gun at them. She allegedly told them she had a permit and can do whatever she wants, according to the police report.

Wicks drove away and was pulled over at Highway 64 and I-40. She told officers she had a gun in the glove box.

Police recovered the gun, which was loaded with one bullet in the chamber and four in the magazine.

Wicks waived her rights and gave a statement to officers – saying she pulled out her handgun and waved it while she was stopped in traffic, according to the police report. She was arrested but has since bonded out of jail.