Woman, boyfriend used Snapchat to set up robbery but tables were turned

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WZTV) – The Murfreesboro Police Department released details about a robbery scheme set up through Snapchat.

Reports for Miranda Cohen, 20, and Joniah Kano, 21, said the ploy started after Cohen contacted one of the victims via Snapchat and invited him to come to a Cayuga Drive residence for sex.

The victim and his friend drove to the residence and the victim exited the pick-up truck, walking around to the back of the house.

At that time, the victim's friend was still in the truck when two men, Kano and another unidentified suspect, jumped into the truck.

Kano jumped into the bed of the truck while his accomplice entered its cab.

Both men were armed and demanded money from the driver and started searching his truck.

The accomplice demanded that the friend drive but exited the truck after spotting the victim near the house.

With Kano still in the bed of the truck, police say the driver took off at a high rate of speed, throwing Kano from the back of the truck.

The accomplice, meanwhile, caught up with the victim at the house there to meet Cohen, pistol whipping him and taking his keys, necklace, and cellphone before fleeing on foot.

Police said the accomplice also fired several shots at the victim.

Both victims called police and an investigation was launched.

Police found Cohen and found she and Kano -- girlfriend and boyfriend -- had conspired to use Snapchat as a way to commit the robbery.

Both Cohen and Kano are facing two counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery.

Kano is also facing charges of kidnapping and carjacking. The third suspect's identity is still being sought.