Woman charged with arson after setting clothes on fire at Memphis Walmart, police say

Woman sets clothes on fire inside Memphis Walmart

A Memphis woman is accused of setting clothes on fire inside a local Walmart.

After seeing a cloud of smoke coming from the clothing section, an employee went to see what was happening. She saw a woman, later identified as Joy Cagle, setting clothes on fire, according to an arrest report.

That employee went to get a coworker. When that coworker got to the clothing section, she saw Cagle set a smoke on fire, which "sparked an even bigger fire," the report states.

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Cagle was detained by witnesses and employees until police arrived on the scene.

When officers got to the store, they overheard Cagle saying she didn't mean to set the clothes on fire, according to the report.

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Cagle told police she was sparking her lighter in the clothing section because it helps her cope with ADHD, but she claimed there was another person in the clothing section at the same time that actually sparked the fire, the report states. That claim did not match the statements police got from witnesses.

Police said Cagle had "iillegal drugs" and a blue cigarette lighter in her possession. She was arrested and charged with aggravated arson.

The incident happened around 7 a.m. at the Walmart store in the 3900 block of Austin Peay.