Woman claims neighbor shot her three dogs multiple times, hit one with machete

HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — A bulldog named ‘Precious’ was shot in Holly Springs Monday afternoon. Her owner, Jessica Barito, said it was terrifying.

“We saw him, me and my children, right there, at that fence… shooting in my yard, at my dogs,” Barito said.

Barito said someone next door fired several shots at her three dogs Monday afternoon. That neighbor does not want to be identified, but he said he doesn’t regret what he did.

“I was trying to take all three of them out,” the neighbor said. “That way, I won’t have this problem again.”

The problem, the neighbor said, is that Barito’s two pitbulls and one bulldog were in his yard. He said they were attacking his German Shephard, ‘King.’

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“I hit the smallest one across the head with a machete,” the neighbor said. “I hate I missed.”

The neighbor said he called police and then his friend, who is a Marshall County Fire Investigator.

The police report said before officers arrived, the fire investigator fired his 9mm service weapon at least seven times in his friend’s yard.

“I’m positive they weren’t in his yard,” Barito said. “When I came out, they were here and right here in my yard.”

“That’s impossible,” the neighbor said. “All the shell casings was right here on my patio.”

Barito said the vet told her she removed a buckshot pellet from the dog’s foot.

However, the police report matches the neighbor’s side of the story. Jessica was issued a $50 citation for breaking the leash law.

“I ripped the ticket up,” Barito said.

She said she now has to chain her dogs up in the backyard.

“I’m even scared to do that,” Barito said. “What if he throws poison over my fence?”

The neighbor said he was just protecting his dog and his property.

He told FOX13 the dogs better not cross his fence again.

“If they come back over here again it’s going to be a different story,” the neighbor said. “Have all three of them laid out right here. We’re gonna make sure we do it right this time.”

Neither the Holly Springs Police Department nor the county fire investigator told the Marshall County Sheriff's Office a service weapon was used in the shooting.

That notification didn't happen until 17 hours later, when FOX13 called to inquire about the shooting.

The Marshall County Sheriff said the office is now looking into the incident.