Woman claims she pumped water at Memphis gas station

WATCH: Gas pump filled with water damages car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman is looking for help after she says she went to a Valero gas station to fuel up. The only problem: the pump was filled with water.

“It’s a hardship on me and I wish they would do something to help me,” said Cassandra Marion.

Marion said she's been turned every-which-way since pumping water into her Cadillac on July 2.

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She said was making a run for her sister, when she had to stop at the Valero in the 4300 block of American Way.

She thought she fueled up with gas here at pump four and drove off.

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“I get in the car. Maybe two or three minutes down the road and my car starts slowing down,” Marion said.

Her Cadillac Escalade eventually stopped and was towed to a dealership, where the tank was inspected.

“When they told me it was water, I figured I was right,” Marion said.

Receipts from the lot showed water was, in fact, in her tank.

The fix cost more than $2,000.

“I contacted Valero, and I hadn’t heard anything from them since.” Marion said. “The clerk that works there said that pump hadn’t worked since January. I told him I have the receipt right here showing where I pumped the gas.”

As of Wednesday, each pump was not pumping unleaded plus – the same "gas" Marion was looking for.

When confronted, the clerks inside the store locked the door. FOX13 emailed Valero, and the station's owner, Kia Properties, for comment.

Marion said there was no other way water could've gotten in.

FOX13 is still working for a response from Kia Properties and Valero.