Woman didn't shoot robbery suspect because he 'looked young and was scared,' MPD says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A robber pulled a weapon on the wrong woman and found himself staring down the barrel of her gun.

According to police, Marshun Lewis met up with a man last month to sell an iPhone.

According to detectives, Lewis pulled a gun and stole the man's money.

It turns out the suspect tried to do this a total of three times in less than a month.

He would tell the victims to meet him at a shopping center on Winchester Road. When he tried to scam his last victim, he almost lost his life.

The woman told police she didn't pull the trigger because "he was young and look scared."

“That’s really scary, but I don’t know if I would meet somebody in a parking lot without other people around,” Courtney Baker told FOX13. “People just need to be careful and if you’re buying anything and meeting somebody in a private place you need to have somebody with you.”

Police warn people that anytime you are meeting with a stranger to purchase something you saw online, it is a good idea to meet at a police department.

The woman and another victim were able to pick Lewis out of a photo lineup, and he was arrested Monday.

FOX13 called the victim who pulled the gun on the suspect but did not reach her.

Others who spoke to FOX13 said they hope the woman taught Lewis a valuable lesson.

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