Woman dies after shooting near Purple Haze, MPD says

Woman dies after shooting near Purple Haze, MPD says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — 38-year-old Choosey Parker died Tuesday after she was shot March 18th in front of the Purple Haze nightclub.

Her aunt Mary Trice told FOX13 she was an advocate against gun violence, but that is what killed her.

“And her to stand out there and be fighting for us to stop the violence, stop the killing, put the guns down and save lives,” she said. “And then, you took her life?”

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Trice started the Ride of Tears organization. She and Parker would drive hearses around town to remind people of the death Memphis has seen from gun violence.

She said Parker was a mother, grandmother, and local artist.

“She was a rapper, she was a writer, she was a producer, she was a film maker,” Trice said.

27-year-old Alan Neal and 43-year-old Frank Tuggle have been charged in connection to the shooting.

Police have not told us if their charges will change due to her death, but they said this is now a homicide investigation.