• Woman filmed riding mobility scooter on Memphis interstate: Here's what happened

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A woman who was filmed driving onto Interstate 55 in a mobility scooter Friday is home from the hospital after nearly being hit by several cars and trucks.

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    FOX13 spoke with the person who captured the video and saved the woman’s life.

    Towanna Murphy said she first saw the woman, who appears to be in her 70s or 80s, in the turning lane on Brooks Road, making her way to Interstate 55.

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    Murphy told us the woman is fortunate because she almost lost her life several times.Towanna Murphy said she knew the woman riding her scooter on Interstate 55 was in danger. 

    “She said, 'I could have been all the way to Chicago by now.' I said, 'You wasn’t going to make it mother,” said Towanna Murphy.

    Murphy, a gospel radio host, explained to us the distance the woman traveled on her scooter before getting on the interstate.

    “She came from South Parkway all the way down Third Street, turned on Brooks and took Brooks all the way down to Elvis Presley.”

    Towanna Murphy posted the video on Facebook Live. You can watch it below:

    Memphis police told FOX13 they received several calls about the woman riding her scooter in the middle of traffic.

    “I didn’t know she was heading toward the interstate. I was too busy trying to get her to pull over and then she had hazard lights.”

    Murphy said after getting on the interstate, she tried to get other drivers to help protect the woman from danger.

    “Not one time did anybody stop or try to protect this elderly woman from getting hit,” said Murphy.

    Murphy told us a Memphis police officer eventually caught up with the woman near the 240 exit ramp.

    “Baby, he was holding on to the back of her wheelchair and she was swinging him around and around. I kept saying, 'No, no.'”

    MPD said after finally stopping the woman, she was taken to the hospital.

    Murphy said she hopes the lady receives the proper medical attention.

    “The moral of the story is we got to show more love and compassion toward one another. We can’t just look the adversaries.”  

    Memphis police told us the woman was not given any traffic violations. She was released from the hospital to family members.

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