Woman heartbroken after husband's body found in burning van

Towanda Stephen Swims said she is heartbroken, frustrated and confused after learning her husband’s body was pulled out of a burning van on Saturday.

Swims said her husband Karl Swims took their boys to East End Skating Center on Saturday evening, but he didn’t come home that night.

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“The kids say Uncle Karl hasn’t made it,” Swims said.

“So I started calling him and he did not answer and that’s unusual because he always answers me.”

Swims said her husband still didn’t come home Sunday. She said she then tried to file a missing person’s report.

“I said has someone been assigned to the case and he says no not yet, but someone will be giving you a call Mam I assure you of that,” Swims said.

“That went by and no one called me the entire rest of the evening.”

Swims told FOX13 she made several calls to police and area hospitals to find out if there was any information on her husband’s whereabouts.

She said a person from the Missing Person’s Bureau told her that her husband’s body had been burned.

“I remember screaming, all I could do was just scream,” Swims said.

“My kids were looking at me and I was like my husband is gone.”

FOX13 reached out to MPD through email for answers.

Police sent FOX13 an accidental injury report that stated a victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition on Saturday after being taken out of a burning car on Brooks Road.

Police said the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Swims said she wants more answers.

“I need help,” Swims said.

“And if the police can’t give it to me. I need some help. I shouldn’t’ be begging like this for help.”

Police told FOX13 this is an ongoing investigation and has not yet been ruled as a homicide.