• Woman robbed in driveway of Binghampton home


    Memphis police arrested a man who they said robbed a woman with a handgun at her boyfriend's home. 

    According to police, the victim left the house and went to her car in a driveway on South Bingham. 

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    She saw someone's hands inside the car and thought it was her boyfriend, however, the man then came around opened the door. He pointed a handgun at her head. Police said the suspect, who was identified in the arrest affidavit as Devin Boyd, demanded an iPhone and her bag containing her driver's license and credit cards. 

    The woman and her boyfriend were able to ping her iPhone on the 2700 block of Browning later that evening and called the police. 

    Multiple people in the area were detained and the victim positively ID'd the man as Devin Boyd. 

    Boyd is charged with Aggravated Robbery. 


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