Woman sees husband in trouble, pulls out gun on would-be robber

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are searching for a man who allegedly tried to rob three people outside of a Whitehaven home in broad daylight.

A surveillance camera captured the weekend incident.

The victims said a man pulled a gun on them after asking for a phone and then a ride. Moments later, he learned he wasn’t the only one carrying a gun.

A man told FOX13 his niece took his gun and scared off a bold criminal.

“She’s bold. She ain’t scared of nothing.”

In the video, the suspect had his right hand is in his waist band as he stands behind the victim’s nephew. The victim said the man’s hand was on a gun.

“People are so bold now day’s just broad day light on a Sunday come up to you and try robbing you,” the victim said.

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Memphis police said Sunday afternoon the man in the blue jacket came to the Whitehaven home and asked to use one of the victim’s phones and then asked for a ride.

The man said his niece and her husband in the video were visiting from Florida.

While the incident was unfolding outside the house, the man said he and his niece were inside the house.

Police said after the woman saw her husband in trouble, she came out the front door with a gun.

The victim told FOX13, “She said she didn’t want to kill him, but when he fired back at us after she fired the warning shot. She said she was trying to hit him then but didn’t.”

Memphis police told FOX13 the gunman ran toward the back of the house.

The victim said he hopes police can catch the suspect before someone gets seriously hurt.

“Thank the good Lord he was watching out for all of us.”

Police said they are reviewing this surveillance video to get a positive ID on the gunman.  If you have any information on who that suspect may be, call CrimeStoppers at 901-528 CASH.