Woman taken to police station after being shot in car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Flashing blue lights, coupled with the sound of gunfire - is a regular occurrence, according to some living in one Binghampton neighborhood.

"Anything going on outside; I don't open my door and try to see nothing," a man who only goes by L.C. said.

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L.C. said by staying to himself, he's trying to stay out of harm’s way.  Early Thursday morning, he said unfortunately he once again heard a familiar sound.

"I hear shots," L.C. said.

However, this time the shots were fired a few feet from his front doorstep.

A woman inside a car at the intersection of Mimosa and Tillman was hit.

Someone drove her a few blocks to the Tillman police station, where the driver went for help.

This all happened just before 1 a.m.  Police waited with the victim until an ambulance arrived.

The woman was alert, as she made her way onto a waiting stretcher.

It was at that moment the attention turned back to the car--where the back passenger window was shattered.

All the more reason why L.C. said if you can't find him at church, chances are he's only one other place.

"I come back here, and I be's in my house," L.C. said.

"It doesn't bother me, as long as you don't come in my door.  And if you come through that window, I got you."

The victim is expected to be okay.  Police are still looking for the gunman