• Woman tries to transfer money at Walmart to pay mother's rent, but it never sends

    By: Scott Madaus


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis woman is upset with Walmart after she tried to send her mother more than $400....but it went to someone else.

    Police were called, and the man behind in her line may have stolen her money. The incident happened at the neighborhood Walmart off Hickory Hill and Mt. Moriah Wednesday morning.

    “It's very upsetting,” Barbara Gamble said.

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    Wednesday morning just before 10 a.m., Gamble walked through the door with the sole goal of sending her sick mother $460 she desperately needs for rent.

    “She's sick, and has not been able to work much,” Gamble said.

    Gamble spoke with the associate who filled out the paperwork, and it was a done deal...or so she thought.

    “About maybe 20 minutes later, I called my mom to make sure she picked it up, and she said 'I’m at Walmart right now,and they won't let me pick it up,'” Gamble said.

    So after talking to her mother in Searcy, Arkansas who never got the money, Gamble went back to Walmart, but this time with police.

    After making a police report about the incident, MPD told her what they saw on surveillance.

    “After I got my receipt and walked away, a guy behind me walked up to the counter, the cashier turns her head, and he reaches over the counter. She had placed my receipt with my information on the counter and he reaches over and grabs it," Gamble said.

    And sadly enough, the money was picked up according to Gamble, but by a man she doesn't know at another Walmart just down the road on East Shelby Drive.

    So at the end of this day, Gamble's mother is still without her rent money, and Gamble herself is furious.

    “This was for an emergency situation for my mom to be able to pay her rent, so it should be made right since their employee did not protect my personal information and left it where a complete stranger could grab it and get access to my information and steal my money,” Gamble said.

    We reached out to Walmart, and they have not gotten back to us.

    However, minutes after we went to the Hickory Hill store and called corporate, they contacted Ms. Gamble.

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