Women's club members raise money to remodel Hernando park

WATCH: Women's club members raise money to remodel Hernando park

HERNANDO, Miss. — The Young Women's Club of Hernando is using fundraisers to make a major change to Church Park, which sits in the heart of the town.

FOX13 found out the facelift to the park has been a three-year journey.

Three years ago, the park only had tennis courts and no bathrooms.

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The Young Women's Club raised money for a bathroom facility and put in a pavilion last year.

This year, a playground will be completed this week.

"We are very happy with the new playground and happy to have great bathrooms and a great place to play tennis," Marianna Thomas said.

The Young Women's Club told FOX13 that more than $1,000 was raised for the projects.

"It is right here in the center of town so everybody gets to see it. And it's a great place for the kids to come and we can play tennis at the same time," Suzanne Cox said.

Organizers told FOX13 they decided on the park as a project because it sits in an area that is considered the gateway to Hernando's square.

"Gets people out of their homes and brings family to the park and that is huge for Hernando. Cuz we are growing so much and we need these nice playgrounds for our families," Cox said.

The playground portion of the park is set to open tomorrow in Hernando.