• Young Dolph addresses Yo Gotti feud: "I'm not about to be beefing back and forth about a girl"


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - During a recent interview with a New York-based radio station, rapper Young Dolph addressed his longtime rivalry with fellow Memphis rapper Yo Gotti.

    While promoting his new album Thinking Out Loud, Dolph whose real name is Adolph Thornton, Jr. sat down with Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" Wednesday morning and explained that he is not thinking about a "feud" with Yo Gotti and called the situation "lame."

    Dolph said he has assisted Yo Gotti's family in the past and supported them financially.

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    The rapper also said he has no interest of reconciling with Yo Gotti. He stated that he refuses to have any issue with anyone, "over a girl." When asked how the two will move forward, Dolph said, "It ain't no moving forward from...like I'm straight."

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    In October, Yo Gotti revealed the last text message he said he sent to Young Dolph. The message dated back to August 2012 said in part:

    "That's how you got to approach this [expletive] homie. Just got to stay down and make the right decisions and you can win big my n*****. You in a good space in Memphis, but you got to take that [expletive] from there to the world and it's going to turn into money."

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    Young Dolph responded by saying, "When was that text message?....A text message from 2012. I can't even keep up with a b**** from 2012. I ain't got no girl number from 2012. I ain't got a pair of shoes from 2012. 2012 -- That's when Yo Gotti was trying to sign Dolph. So text messages he showing [y'all] all this back and forth, back and forth for a year and a half -- two years of 'Ah man, we need to sign Dolph.' No, I'm straight."

    To watch the full interview, click here.

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