Young father found dead on driveway in Covington, victim identified

WATCH: Father of 3 shot and killed in Covington

COVINGTON, Tenn. — Covington police are investigating after a man was found shot and killed in a driveway.

The victim has been identified as Trell Terry, 23, from Covington, Tennessee.

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Tiffney Currie said the violence in her neighborhood is making her feel like she’s living in a war zone.

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"The gunshots were so close it started ringing in my ears,” Currie said.

She lives across the street from where Covington Police found the body of a man in the 700 block of Hill St.

Police said someone shot Terry somewhere in this neighborhood around one Wednesday morning. 
Neighbors said Terry ran to this home for help.

“It’s been three or four shootings since I moved over here and I’ve been living here for eight months now,” Currie said.

Currie says just last week two other people were shot in a home next door to where she lives.

Covington Police Chief Buddy Lewis said his officers have been in the area a lot in recent months.

“We have had several incidents lately here in this area and this could be related to those but I’m not for certain about it,” Lewis said.

Lewis said this homicide and the other shootings may be a part of a bigger underlying issue his department is facing.

“We have gang issues here we are doing our best to control it but it’s everywhere,” Lewis said.

TBI has not released information on the shooter.

Currie said she’s waiting for the right opportunity to move away from the violence.

“I moved from the country to get away from snakes and I come up here to gunshots that’s crazy,” Currie said.

TBI asked if you have any information about this shooting to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.