Delta Air Lines has announced that they will block middle seats on flights and implement other changes to keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company said in a statement Wednesday that from April 13 through May 31, they will reduce the number of customers on each flight and make middle seats unavailable.

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Delta said they have already implemented other changes over the last few weeks to help customers practice social distancing and keep both passengers and crew members safe.

Food and beverage service has been streamlined to decrease touchpoints between customers and crew.

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Flights are only boarding 10 people at a time and reminding passengers to add extra space as they board and crews are working with customers to find new seats within their cabin as needed and as space allows.

The company said they are working to protect employees by encouraging them to work from home if they can, expanding temperature screenings, offering paid protection for workers who are at higher risk, providing hand sanitizer and other precautions.

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