Temperatures are falling and ice is expected in the Mid-South


  • A cold rain is falling across the FOX13 viewing area
  • Temperatures are falling across the mid-south
  • Some sleet and freezing rain is being reported well north of Memphis
  • Pockets of rain with the potential to transition to sleet, freezing rain and/or light snowfall is possible over the next few hours
  • Temperatures across the FOX13 viewing area WILL be falling to well below freezing tonight (near 20°) with an early Tuesday windchill in the single digits (8°)
  • Temperatures will stay below freezing Tuesday with a high of 30°
  • Another hard freeze expected Tuesday night into Wednesday morning

 Today’s weather timeline -- 

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Rain mainly from 10 AM -6 PM. 

Rain/Sleet/Snow (Wintry Mix) from 7 PM – 12 AM—especially along and north of I-40.

Little accumulation expected, through slick spots highly likely since temperatures will be in the teens and low 20s tomorrow morning.

BIG STORY will be temperatures. Single digit wind chills early tomorrow morning as people make their commute to work/school.

We will also be below freezing all day tomorrow through most of Wednesday morning.

RECORD BREAKING COLD as the record minimum high tomorrow is 37 (1920). The record minimum low for tomorrow is 23 (1950). 

Our forecast for tomorrow: 31 for a high. 22 for a morning low.

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